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This indicator plots the daily seasonality profile for any ticker. All strategies and indicators are intended to operate on the Trading View platform as they are written in Pinescript version 4.0.


  • Operates for any ticker. This indicator will not work properly on anything except a day chart using candlesticks, bars, or Heikin Ashi candles

  • Any look back period (in years) is possible, as long as there is data available. This indicator will only plot values while the selected look back length is greater than the total number of years available at a given location on the chart.

  • Plots the current performance of the instrument on top of the seasonal profile. This is useful to observe how the current year's performance is unfolding against the expected seasonality profile

  • Has the option to plot the projected price values based on the seasonality profile. This is used to demonstrate how the instrument "should perform" with real prices instead of percentages. These are simulated prices using the seasonality profile 

  • Has the option to fit the performance to the seasonality profile for easier viewing. This is especially useful when the current performance is vastly different than the expected seasonality

  • Can plot the current seasonality profile against the current performance AND the historic seasonality profiles against the respective historical performance. This is useful to observe the seasonality evolution in the past, as the profile changes once per year 

  • Shows the Pearson (R) Correlation Coefficient or Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient between the current performance and the seasonality profile. This shows areas where both are moving together, moving opposite, or are not correlated. Locations of high positive or negative correlation usually trigger a relative top or bottom

  • Has the option to plot all FOMC dates up to 30 years in into the past

  • Has the option to plot the next FOMC date directly on the chart at the correct future bar location 

  • Filter options for election, pre-election, post election, and mid-term years

  • Has logic for daylight savings time and leap years


dji seasonal - deviations.png

Companion indicator for Seasonality Trader. Plots the daily seasonality standard deviation profile for any ticker. Each day of the year has a statistical performance. The average of that performance can be extracted, which can then be used to calculate the standard deviation for that particular day of the year. 


dji seasonal - performance.png

Companion indicator for Seasonality Trader. Plots the daily seasonality average performance profile for any ticker. Each day of the year has a statistical performance. The average of that performance can be extracted using either a simple or exponential approach, which is what this indicator shows. 

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