The Daily Edge Trading Group provides the tools and live analysis you need to gain the edge in the FOREX, Futures, CFDs, and Crypto markets.

Participate in real time with traders around the world during the USA, European, and Asian sessions.


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Daily Edge Live is a streaming data service that delivers real time major headlines, earnings releases, economic data announcements, major stock and ETF block trades, and so much more. It is hosted on the Telegram desktop and mobile applications in a private channel. 

Monitor your trades with the knowledge that major market activity will be published here as soon as it occurs.



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Gain access to the extensive knowledge base and Daily Edge trading community. Our unique trading styles offer beginner to advanced traders insight into profitable trade setups and portfolio management.




Consistency is key. It is extremely beneficial to be part of an active group of passionate traders that focus on trade quality and execution. Members encourage each other to focus on the bigger picture, eliminate bias, and most importantly execute proper trade management. 

Plan the trade, trade the plan

The trading strategies practiced in the Daily Edge Telegram group have stood the test of time. We use several Technical Analysis setups that have simple to advanced patterns with excellent R:R results.

Scalable Trading Strategies and Indicators

Group membership includes access to three Trading View indicators that are capable of earning the trader consistent profits over time. Combining all three will produce daily trade setups for any asset class.



Group access includes 3 core indicators that provide consistent trade setups in any asset class. When used together, these indicators deliver the fundamental trading approach at The Daily Edge. More advanced indicators can be found under the Products and Services menu at the top of this page.

Plots all types of pivots with built in alerts for each. Multiple instances can be stacked to show daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly pivots. 

We use proprietary pivot trading strategies that provide optimal entry and exit points. The best trades are those where the immediate entry, target, and stop are known prior to ever entering the trade.

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Unfilled closes result in unfilled gaps. Gap Trader displays the previous 20 unfilled gaps for any ticker, future, or forex symbol. This indicator can be customized to show only those gaps that were not filled within a specified session window, such as 9:30 AM to 16:00 PM ET.

Gaps and dark pool blocks work hand in hand. 

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The Daily Edge trading approach relies on entering a long or short trade at optimal levels. We do not "chase" the price, the best trades are those executed at a "pullback" into a support or resistance zone while observing a dominant trend.

This strategy provides the trader daily setups and can be adapted to any time frame. It is intended for beginner to advanced traders.

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  • 14 Day Free Trial

  • 20% Discount with Annual Subscription

  • Daily Edge Live

    • FX/Equity headlines

    • Major economic data + earnings

    • Select twitter feeds

    • Macro and live trade setup alerts

    • Streaming stock and ETF block trades

    • Streaming dark pool blocks 

    • Twice daily block summary reports

    • On demand request of block history for any ticker for the previous 6 months

    • Telegram applications synchronized with all of your desktop, mobile, and tablet devices




77.99 / mo


749.99 / yr


  • 14 Day Free Trial

  • 20% Discount with Annual Subscription

  • Telegram Group

    • Pre- and post-market live stream Brief

    • Live trade analysis and setups

    • Telegram group access

  • Daily Edge Core

    • Gap Trader​

    • Pivot Trader

    • ATR Stop Master

    • MA Ribbon Master Strategy

  • Daily Edge Live

    • Everything included LIVE package




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