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Automated Trading Guide for Daily Edge Strategies

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

The RSI-ATR DIVINE™ Strategy (and soon the RSI-Renko DIVINE™ Strategy) was recently updated to support the Dynamic Alert feature that was introduced in October, 2019. This feature is a long time coming and a complete game changer for a variety of reasons. The dynamic alert feature allows the injection of global variables and plot output variables directly into the alert message for a given study (and someday a strategy). This creates the mechanism to get data out of Trading View and into an exchange for order executions.


RSI-ATR DIVINE Strategy - Alertatron Guide

This guide instructs the subscriber of the strategy how to use the Alertatron bot to automate the trades.

Entry Order Types (To get into trades)

  • Stop-Limit (for swing and target trades)

  • Limit (for scalps)

Exit Order Types (To get out of trades)

  • Stop (for swings)